To use pizza and shared resources to create transformative opportunities for all.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Jack’s began 20 years ago in Nashua, NH. Since then we’ve tossed thousands of doughs, prepped who-knows-how-many sandwiches and fried a whole lot o’ food. We’ve interviewed thousands and have worked with hundreds. Over the many years of stacking the dough, one thing has really stood out to us… Not everyone gets a fair chance to thrive in life. For a long time, this reality played out for us in lots of ways. Unsure of what to do to solve the life struggles, our solution for 20 years has been to put our head down and make the pizza.

And make the pizza we did! With boxes piled high and a long line of hungry bellies, we have developed our Pizza skills to a Jedi level. Yet what we didn’t do is develop our other skills. The skills that help us manage our $, thrive in life and create advancement. The skills that enable an owner to step away because the team is fully empowered, engaged and trained. The skills that used to be taught in school, but became victims of budget cuts and shifting priorities. The skills that are impossible to develop without focused attention that we’ll do anything to avoid. THOSE skills.

So 20 years later, our priority is shifting from pies to the pie charts, finances and multi faceted development and advancement. From here forward, our priority is our people and our mission is simple: Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

On Our Way…

With active development, shared power and opportunities, we believe that people can grow beyond what they themselves or their leaders think is possible. At Jack’s, this means taking our core team from employees to owners. As we move toward an employee-owned business model, we invite you to be a part of the journey with us…

Work With Us

People before profits. Joining our team means being a part of a family that values human potential more than societal norms and assumptions. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, embrace growth and THRIVE, click below!

Partner with us.

Much of our development work is accomplished through community partners. If you have questions or would like to partner with us in the future, please contact us below.

Jason Isabelle
From delivery driver to owner, Jason is an example of what it takes to stretch beyond one’s capabilities. Contagiously fun with an open business mind, Jason has been Captain Jack S. Pizza for 20+ years and is looking forward to new adventures.

Kathleen Menegozzi
If Jason is Jack’s legacy, Kathleen is Jack’s future. As a NYC trained and educated business strategist with 10+ years of career development and mentorship under her belt, Kathleen is leading the way on Jack’s development, training and transition to a B-Corp. that takes on socioeconomic inequality.